Woman Wakes Up to Find Astonishing Icicle Outside That Looks Exactly Like a Hummingbird

Imagine rising from your bed one frosty morning, opening the blinds, and seeing this out the window.

This is just the sight Michigan’s Tammy Shriver was struck with when she looked outside.

Water had been melting from the rooftop of the hemp farmer’s home onto the tree branches below. As a freeze-thaw-freeze sequence took place amid changing winter temperatures, a natural ice sculpture emerged.

“Oh my gosh,” she remembers saying, “That looks like a bird!’

“I grabbed my iPad and just started grabbing pictures on it,” says Tammy, “and then ran outside to get a better angle.”

One problem? Like kids everywhere, her six-year-old granddaughter Kaylinn loves to eat icicles. But she was asked to leave this particular ice bird alone for everyone to enjoy, and, luckily, Kaylinn did just that.

Of course, no ice lasts forever. Sunshine melted the hummingbird into a slightly different shape. A chickadee, perhaps?

Though a sparkling formation is no longer ornamenting a branch outside Tammy’s home, she feels blessed just to have enjoyed the sight for a week. “My grandma liked hummingbirds,” she says, “maybe grandma sent me a hummingbird.”